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All Sales are on Hold Until Future Notice

With growing, unresolved supply chain problems, we are pausing our supply services until further notice. We are not comfortable taking client funds while delivery times increase and become less predictable. Over the past year, manufacturer direct shipping times have grown from 6 weeks to 6 months, and we can no longer operate in a satisfactory way. When these supply chain issues resolve, we will return to providing high-quality, low cost equipment solutions to for both commercial and residential gyms.

Totum Fitness is a manufacturer direct, best price guaranteed supplier of a multitude of high performance fitness equipment. Our site is currently under construction as we move to commercial and home gym sales.

If you’d like to see our price catalogue, get a quote for an order, or learn more about our process, email us via the form below.


We sell rowers, Bike Ergs, Spin Bikes, Curved Treadmills and More


We have a full line of adjustable dumbbells, kettlebells, and other space saving equipment for home gyms.

Rubber and Steel

Bumper platers, Barbells, Kettlebells, and Dumbbells for every budget. Our economy lines cost 1.50 per LB- the best price in the industry

We’ve served over 600 customers with manufacturer direct orders which guarantee the best price on everything we sell. You place your order, our manufacturers make the equipment brand new, and we ship it directly to your door in one inclusive cost. If you’d like to see our catalogue or learn more for your gym or home gym, fill out the contact request form below.